Hello there!

Whilst this site goes by my official name, most people know me as Philly. 

Others call me The Rapping Dinosaur of Kent

Some know me as the author of Passive Aggressive Notes to Flatmates

Earlier in my career, I was known for making a documentary about a man having a tooth put into his eye

Online I’m renowned for being a Kurt Vonnegut superfan.

Ultimately, all you need to know is I’m a human being who has a constant urge to make stuff. 

And I like to do this with talented people I look up to and can learn from. 

If you think we could collaborate – let me know, I’d love to chat. 

︎ philippabaines@hotmail.co.uk 


– British Arrow Gold: Rustlers
– British Arrow Silver: Rustlers 

– Top 10 Film ads 2020: Campaign Magazine
– Top 10 Most Read Campaigns of 2021
– Cannes Cover Competition Winner: AdAge
– David Reviews *****
– Barbican: Selected as one of the Most Talented Emerging Filmmakers

6+ years working in communications @
– Droga 5
– Publicis

– Intermission
– Gravity Road
– Brave
– Vice

– Apple
– Amazon
– Barclays
– Tokyo Olympics

– Coca Cola